What is IntegriScan™?

Detec Australia's IntegriScan™ is the most accurate electronic testing method available,  Being the only system available that meets ASTM D8231-19 ( Standard practice for Electronic Leak Methods for detecting and locating leaks )

This advanced, low voltage test ensures 100% of the membrane is free of breaches, holes, and seam voids. IntegriScan’s unique technology facilitates reliable testing compared to vector mapping and archaic flood The IntegriScan equipment eliminates the need for a perimeter wire by limiting the testing area to directly below the Scanning Platform. Detec’s Vertical Scanning Unit (VSU) tests vertical surfaces, rebar flashings, and hard to reach areas.

The IntegriScan™ is the ONLY method available for testing black EPDM and other semi-conductive membranes. Additionally, Tru Ground Conductive Primer enables electronic testing on conventional assemblies with non-conductive substrates such as wood, insulation, and coverboard.

Benefits of IntegriScan™?

  • Verifies the integrity of roofing or waterproofing assemblies.
  • Pinpoints breaches, holes, and seam voids after membrane installation so repairs can be made immediately ensuring minimal impact on the construction schedule.
  • Quick, efficient, and reliable. The IntegriScan platform can test up to 3500 m in a day.
  • Ensures 100% coverage. Tests horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces, details, and penetrations.
Detec Australia

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Detec Australia provide smart building technologies and services to help maintain high-performance structures free of hidden moisture intrusion damages

Projects That Requires
Electonic Leak Detection

Multi-family Buildings

Data Processing Centers

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Reservoir Covers

Parking Garages

Mixed Use Buildings

Cold Storage Facilities

Tunnels / Below Grade Membranes

Commercial and Office Buildings

Sports Complexes

Institutional and Government Buildings

Education Facilities

Document Storage Facilities

High End Pre-Manufactured Homes

Our Recent Projects

Detec Systems is reliably monitoring and testing all types of roofing and waterproofing assemblies

Project Faulkner Road Belmont

Faulkner Road Community Centre currently being built by PACT Construction required as per Architects specification provided by Bollig Architects to have the Soprema waterproof membranes fully tested by Detec Australia

City of Perth – Council House

Freyssinet were contracted to remove tiling, repair existing waterproof membrane on one half of the building which had been replaced 2 years earlier and install a new membrane system on the remaining half. Detec Australia was contracted to find the leaks in the first half and test the new membrane to ensure no leakage will occur.

Scarbough Pool Complex

Cooper and Oxley engaged Detec Australia to test the liquid membrane being installed on the carpark deck and terrace walkway and gardens with retail areas, changerooms etc directly below to ensure no leaks were found in the waterproof membrane.

Refurbishment with a new 2 layer Soprason 3-4 AR Torch on Membrane completed by SRG Global


Slide Detec IntegriScan is the most accurate electronic testing method available. This advanced, low voltage test ensures 100% of the membrane is free of breaches, holes, and seam voids. Electronic
Leak Detection
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Our Client Testimonials

"We have used Detec Systems repeatedly for their IntegriScan electronic leak detection testing service and find that their advanced testing is fast and highly accurate."

AJ Moody, Senior Project Manager – D&R Restoration

"Detec provided quick and reliable service for us on a difficult project. Their reports and technicians were professional. They also took the time to educate us on the ELD technology and advised SeaBay and our clients when ELD would not provide valid results."

Skyler Shipley, Senior Project Manager – SeaBay Building Group

"As a Roofing Contractor for 38 years, we understand how critical accurate Electronic Leak Detection is for our clients. This is why we chose Detec Systems and their IntegriScanner testing platform. If you need 100% coverage and unparalleled accuracy, the choice is clear."

Joseph Sayer, Director – JST Development

"Roof Solutions has utilized the Detec Systems low voltage test equipment for over two years to provide integrity testing for our clients across various assemblies including both horizontal/vertical waterproofing and roof assemblies."

Michael LeLiever, Director – Roof Solutions

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